Thank you!

Hey everyone!

When I woke up Friday morning to an Inbox full of unread emails I knew something incredible has happened. Ever since the blog was published in The Washington Post ( the film has been getting more attention than ever! We have been getting emails from all over the world and reading them have been awesome! You all are amazing and hearing about the work many of you have done to make a difference in our education system has been so inspiring.
I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful support you’ve given and I’m really excited to see the film go forward! Right now I’m busy contacting many of you as I search for possible subjects to film for the documentary. The timeline is looking like this so far: film January-May of 2013, edit during the summer and fall, with a hopeful release in the winter of 2013/2014. 
Until then, if you want to keep updated with the film’s progress make sure to:
Follow us on Twitter @Listenthefilm
and follow the blog at
And please spread the word to your friends!!
Thanks again,

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