First Screening has been Set!

Please join us for the first-ever screening of LISTEN, a student-made, feature-length documentary about standardized testing from the student’s perspective. 


Fo more information about the film:

Not many have described this film and its purpose better than education blogger and friend of the filmmaker, Ankur Singh, Stephanie Rivera. 

“Ankur Singh, student at University of Missouri-Mizzou, took a semester off to interview and film various students, teachers, parents, activists, and all the alike from all over the country to get their perspective on the current state of our education system.

What I personally found compelling of this film is, first, this is made by a STUDENT. How much better can that get?! I think that in itself reflects the extremity of attacks our current system is facing, especially considering he recently graduated high school less than 2 years ago. Something has to be significantly wrong where a student is so provoked to create such a film. But, additionally, he provides so many different voices and components of our current education system. 

The film was originally supposed to focus on the effects of high-stakes testing, but it ended up going much, much further than that. He brings out voices of students in our highest-poverty schools, students who have had to withdraw from college due to the amount of student debt, and teachers forced to implement policies that do nothing for student learning. He assures this film is something any person watching can relate to.”


The screening will take place in Room 113 of the Arts & Science Building at the University of Missouri on Monday, October 14th at 7:30 p.m. The event will include a Q&A session with Mizzou student and filmmaker, Ankur Singh.