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LISTEN toolkit and storytelling campaign

Hey everyone!

We have a new website to symbolize a new start! So we here at the LISTEN team (which is really just the director Ankur Singh and his friend Kelsey) have been off the interwebz for a few months and we apologize for that. Distributing the film has been more difficult than originally thought and quite honestly we have no idea what we’re doing. So last fall has been kind of slow, but this spring we have sort of a half plan, but a lot of heart and are ready to get going! So here is our sort of a half plan. Click on the links for more information.

1)   Toolkit

We have designed a special one of a kind toolkit for you to use as a guide and resource to organizing screenings of the film!

2)   Storytelling Campaign

We are going to start blogging more and sharing stories of what’s happening in public education in addition to creating a new short film for the internet called THIS IS NOT A TEST.

3)   Using the film as a tool

We now realize that screenings are not the end goal, but we must use the film to support already existing campaigns and organizations as a tool to create change. We’re doing this by contacting groups around the country and figuring out how the film can fit their needs rather than the other way around. And so far it’s going well. We’ve got six screenings coming up check them out on our screening schedule.

Please bear with us, we’ve never made a documentary before or distributed one without any funds. We’re trying our best and hopefully we’ll figure it out eventually. The most important thing is we’re learning a lot but that’s the whole point isn’t it?